Episode 51 – B17 Bombers (and other such vessels)

Have you all recovered from last week’s mindf*** of an episode? Great! Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Tonight, out beer rules resulted in a LOT of drinks showing up at the 3BL studios. Also, Mike Sciandra is here! We talk about witches and crystals and spells and such. We decided that we are officially pro-wiccan. And pro-gay, in case that matters to you.  But anti-government funded healthcare. We discuss the weirdest place we’ve cracked open a beer (spoiler: mid-sex is the winner). We talk about muppet love, presidential love, beer love, and more. All while drinking large vesseled beers from Zipline, Kros Strain and Blue Blood. 

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Episode 49 – 7 Every 7 (and nachos)

For episode 49, we decided to add a crunchable element to our drinking podcast. Say hello to Nick from the Muchachos food truck!

In this episode, we mostly just talked about food. BBQ. Donuts. Pizza. Cupcakes. Tacos. Nachos. Burgers. Pie. All the ways you can use hatch chilies. You know, all the foods. We also talk about credit card points, deals, food truck life, and some breaking news from Muchachos! All while enjoying beers that are 7% (or nearly 7%) abv by Dogfish Head and Boulder Brewing. 

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Episode 48 – Happy birthday to us

It’s our party, and we’ll cry if we want to. Turns out, we don’t want to. Hey look, beer!

In this episode, David Frickin’ Wallace calls in to ask for a t-shirt. We talk about the difference between succession and secession. We lament the end of smut on HBO. And…I don’t know…probably some more stuff. IT”S OUR BIRTHDAY! We’re a year old. Let’s drink to us with some Prairie Aritisan Ales, White Elm Brewing and Almanac Beer Co.

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Episode 47 – Furley’s Beers

https://media.blubrry.com/three_beers_later/p/threebeerslater.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/ep47.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS | MoreI know we’re a craft beer podcast (kind of). And I know these aren’t our usual beers. But Adam Furley brought these beers, and gosh darn it, it was fun! In this episode, Furls just kind of took over. Leo DiCaprio, […]

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Episode 46 – Colorado Beers

For episode 46, we drank some great beers from the square state to the left. Not Wyoming, the other one. Yeah, that one. Josh from Triple B Printing is here!

In this episode, we eventually talked about our first erections. But you’re gonna have to suffer through some other stuff to get there. We talked about Colorado. We dissected diet pops. Connor listed all the world series winners from this millenium, for some reason. But get through all of that, and you’ll be rewarded with stories of our first erections. Oh, and we drank beers from New Image Brewing, Lumpy Ridge Brewing, Epic Brewing, and Rock Cut Brewing. 

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Episode 45 – Pompeii and KBS

Episode 45 with Chris Whitney. He used to talk into microphones, but now he doesn’t, so let’s see how this goes!
In this episode, we discuss Toppling Goliath’s misguided (?) non-compete clauses. We discovered Cameo, wihich is an awesome way in which “celebrities” and even some celebrities are making money now. Netflix Mt Rushmore. Twitter mentions from celebrities. Cute puppies. Heights. And the future of media. All while drinking beers from Toppling Goliath, Founders, and a bonus beer from Zipline.

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Episode 44 – Sampleven IV: Fresh Beers

Episode 44. Despite everyone’s best efforts, we managed to follow a rule! Sampleven, part 4, featuring beers that Fresh thought looked cool on the shelf.

On this episode, we discuss grocery shopping. HANG ON, IT GETS BETTER! We also celebrities we would hook up with that would be similar to Dane Cook dating a 19 year old (what’s up, J-Lo?). We remember cell phones, we remember college, and we listen to Fresh rap. All while drinking a beers from 10 Barrel Brewing, Knee Deep Brewing, Ska Brewing and James Page Brewing.

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Episode 43 – Grip It & Sip It and Blood Orange Shandy.

Well, well, well….If it isn’t Stuart. The guy who has cancelled on us more times than I have fingers finally joins the show. But…he comes on one of our (spoiler alert) worst beer nights yet.

In this episode, we remember music from our childhoods. And then everything else from our childhoods, including Connor’s gang of misfit boys, the “Cruddz.” We learn about the different things that various states hate. And we learn that we hate this beer.

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Episode 42 – 7 Every 7: Sour Edition

Dr. Matty Freebeer is back to provide brews and answer our medical questions. Let kick this thing off, shall we?

In this episode, we talk about toe dexterity. We grill Dr. Matt on medical myths. We discover “fowling,” which leads to a very civil discussion about whether rolling or throwing is a more accurate way to hit a target. It’s also the first time we’ve ever paused the podcast. It’s not the first time we’ve yelled at each other. Jackie called in to talk about dogs. All while drinking sours from New Belgium and Russian River, plus a “palette cleanser” from Firestone Walker.

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Episode 41 – We Back

After an extended hiatus for Mark, and an even extendeder hiatus for Connor, 3BL is BACK. And who’s that sitting in the corner?!? It’s Michael Bruntz!

In this episode, we tag along on Connor’s spiritual (beeritual) journey that took him from New Orleans to hell to Wichita and finally back to this studio. We discover that no one in this room actually watches movies. We talk about parking tickets and the vigilantes who try to save you from them. And breasts. Or, as they will now be known, the front door to the body. All while enjoying beers from White Elm, Ommegang, and Central Standard.

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Friends of 3BL Beer Share #1

Mark’s on vacation. Connor refuses to work without Mark. So this week, we hand the reins over to our good friends, Daine Patton, Doug Palmer and Fresh402. We stuck them in a basement full of beer and turned on microphones. And we’re told it was a good time.

In this episode, the fellas talk about Mark and Connor. They talk about movies. They talk about wrestling. And they talk about beer. Lots and lots of beer.

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Episode 40 – Ocho Crowlers

A milestone episode, our 40th as a podcast. And our first with one of the host’s missing. No Connor, just Mark and Michael Snow. And some crowlers.

In this episode, we dive deep into Michael’s world as a bartender. We look at Instagram influencers, eBay, and the “Dick of Death.” We talked about the merits of being single, and we drank some beer out of oversized cans from Nebraska Brewing, Fernson Brewing, and First Street Brewing.

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Episode 39 – Kros Strain Hopstreaking at the Kearney Econo Lodge

Episode 39 comes to you live from one of Priceline’s best reviewed hotels in the city of Kearney…the EconoLodge!

In this episode, we detail every second of our business trip to the Tri-Cities. We discuss cannibalism. We realize that Mark has never seen anything that Woody Harrelson has been in, and that Connor has never seen Now You See Me, despite what others might say. All while drinking Hopstreaker Pale Ale from Kros Strain Brewing.

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Episode 38 – Linkin’ Up & Gettin’ Down

For episode 38, we welcome in Scott. Scott is both a pool boy and a musician. He’s basically the subject of every porno out there.

In this episode, we dig into the new millennials, those damn Gen Z-ers. We discuss how to rob a bank. We decide whether songs are by Weezer or not by Weezer. And we played a lot of things off of our phones into our microphones. All while drinking a couple of collaborative IPAs from Zipline and Boulevard. 

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Episode 37 – Beers We Had at Home

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Self, I wonder what Mark and Connor have in their beer fridges at home right now?” We figured you probably had. So, we decided to answer that question by bringing stuff we had on hand! This had nothing to do with not being able to decide whose turn it was to buy beer. 

In episode 37, we did the unthinkable. We went without a guest. And you know what? It didn’t suck! We talked politics and civic duties. We talked about Migos and gambling and youths. Chicken. Burgers. Sperm donors. Have it your way. And we drank some delicious beers from White Elm and Destihl. 

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Episode 36 – Matty FreeBeer’s free beer

When Matt’s ancestor’s crossed through Ellis Island, they handed the immigration officials a six-pack of delicious brews from the mother land. And thus, the FreeBeer surname was born.

In this Episode, Dr. Matt brought us beer. And it was AWESOME! We asked him lots of questions about our medical problems. We talked about raging bulls and see-saws at bars. We discussed the merits of living at home vs the freedom of NOT living at home. Chuck E Cheese. Brewing Beer. And more medical issues for Dr. Matt. All while drink beers from Bell’s, Deschutes, and Belguim’s Br. Verhaeghe (???). 

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Episode 35 – Shane Brought Beers

You think we don’t know that this was supposed to be a 7 Every 7? WE KNOW! But Shane brought beer. And free beer trumps all.

In this episode, Shane came by. And maybe you heard…he brought beer! We talked about movies we’ve seen, beers we’ve drank, jobs we’ve done. All sorts of reminiscing. The whole Laurel/Yanny argument makes a brief appearance. We Googled stuff. We IMDB’d stuff. And we talked about the proper way to load a dishwasher. All while enjoying beers from Kros Strain, Zipline, and Lazy Horse.

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Episode 34 – Zipline Mosaic IPA

We made a retroactive rule. Growler 17s? We’re gonna try to remember that…

In this episode, we welcome in Lance and all of his culinary knowledge. We also break all sorts of rules by welcoming in former red-clad QB and current Cleanosaur CEO Harrison Beck. And Connor takes a lot of flak for not proposing to his girlfriend yet. All while drinking a crowler of Zipline’s Mosaic IPA.

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