Episode 137 – Margarita-Off 2020

Steven M Sipple. Joshua F Peterson. Limes. Tequila. Salt. Orange Liqueur. This is the great margarita showdown of 2020.

These two individuals geek out about their beverages. They’re also both encyclopedias when it comes to the last 20 years of Nebraska football, so we dig into that pain. Come for the tequila. Stay to hear all of the people that Sipple refuses to text back.

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Episode 120 – Burgers and Pocket Knives

Episode 120. Not as sad as last week’s episode. But….not NOT sad.

In this episode, we welcome in Josh Peterson. He can speak intelligibly about a number of topics, but we wasted his brain by talking about burgers for 45 minutes. ALSO….pocket knife guy (what are they trying to prove?), post-corona world (can we really not high five anymore?), and Lincoln’s beer scene wipes the floor with Omaha’s. All while drinking beers from Cosmic Eye and White Elm.

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Episode 110 – Ope!

Episode 110 with Josh Peterson. We couldn’t start on time because we had to wait for him to drive here from Omaha. So we waited around, ate some gyros, and eventually recorded a podcast.

In this episode, we talked for a while about Don’t F*** with Cats. And Repo Games. Sound bars. Weird corners of the internet. Ope. Succession again. But not drones. All while drinking beers from Weldwerks, White Elm, and Sprecher.

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Episode 92 – Road show w/ Tweeterson and Stibbs

Episode 92. Well…some of Episode 92. Much of this episode was redacted. WAY more than any other episode has been. But don’t worry, we’re still presenting you with 3 1/2 hours of noise. 

Four radio guys in a room, so we mostly just talked about our radio lives the whole time. Also some video games. Also some chicken sandwiches. Also a lot of stuff that we can’t talk about here. Also…beers!

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Episode 71 – Beers from Dave & Beers from Josh

Episode 71 with Josh Peterson. He brought beers. We brought beers. If you do the math, that means we have lots of beers to drink tonight. 

In this episode, we started with boners. Then there was the documentary about abductions. Stibbs called in. After that…I don’t really remember. Beer talk? Urban dictionary? There were some pee breaks. And we drank some beers from Iowa and some beers from the northeast. Listen to it!

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Episode 61 – Renegade Brewing, part 2

Dear every brewery,
Do you want to be cool? Then be like Renegade Brewing. Give us some beers to drink and talk about.

In episode 61, we bring in Josh Peterson from the Omaha radio scene. As you might expect from a radio guy, he has some things to say. We talk about green text people vs blue text people. We talk about Connor’s disturbing use of LMAO in tweets. We take a LONG time to talk s*** on other media members (specifcally Chris Basnett). Brett Kane called in while playing Red Dead Redemption. And we drank Renegade Brewing’s beers, which were better than last week’s Renegade Brewing beers.

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