Episode 74 – Another Rico and a Sue Parade

It took us 73 episodes to find a Rico. Now, we’ve had two in consecutive weeks. Would you believe his actual name is Richard? Neither do we. In this episode, we explore a man who exclusively drinks IPAs. What makes him tick? Hint: it’s hops. We make our predictions about Game of Thrones. Connor’s are the most prescient. We discuss literature. Briefly. And we discover that Mark and Rico have a lot more in common than they previously realized. All while drinking a bunch of different “Sue” variants from Toppling Goliath.

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Episode 73 – Rico’s maiden craft beer voyage

Episode 73. Tonight, we introduce Rico to craft beer. So, we brought a sampler. One IPA. One sour. One stout. One survivor (boop!)

In this episode, we talk about Rico/America’s weird obsession with Dr. Pimple Popper and other similar phenomenon. Also, throwing cheese at babies? The internet is a weird place. We spoil Captain Marvel. We listen to REO Speedwagon. We talk about roller coaster pranks. And we discuss things that shouldn’t arouse us, but sometimes do. All while drinking beers from Confluence Brewing, Iowa Brewing, and Lake Time Brewery.

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Episode 72 – Muchachos and Beers from James

Episode 72 with Nick Maestas. You don’t know Nick? He’s the beautiful man who runs the beautiful taco truck Muchachos! But…don’t try to talk to him about other taco trucks. He HATES other taco trucks.

Speaking of beautiful people, have you heard of the show “Are You Hot?” from 2003? Do you ever wonder if YOU’RE hot? Do you want to know if Connor’s girlfriend thinks he’s hot? Do you remember Natalie Imbruglia? Do you want to know what it would sound like if a kid flew away on a kite? We cover all of that while eating nachos and drinking beers supplied by James from Denver from Ursula Brewing and Roadhouse Brewing.

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Episode 71 – Beers from Dave & Beers from Josh

Episode 71 with Josh Peterson. He brought beers. We brought beers. If you do the math, that means we have lots of beers to drink tonight. 

In this episode, we started with boners. Then there was the documentary about abductions. Stibbs called in. After that…I don’t really remember. Beer talk? Urban dictionary? There were some pee breaks. And we drank some beers from Iowa and some beers from the northeast. Listen to it!

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Episode 70 – Iowa Beers from Dave, pt 2

Episode 70 is here. We drank plenty of Pedialyte to recover, and then we invited a big beer guy (@BigGolfGuy) to come and drink some more.We continued a tradition with Joe Delp and talked about poop. Joe was very excited. We talked about what trends he expects to see out of the beer world in 2019 (hint: local. And maybe lagers). There was lots of golf discussion from the big golf guy. Then we turned to Urban Dictionary for a new segment we like to call “What’s Trending on Urban Dictionary.” It was lit. All while drinking beers from Exile Brewing and Singlespeed Brewing. 

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Fridge Guys Episode 10

Episode 10 of the Fridge Guys podcast is all about Home Brewing. Daine was joined by Matt – @LNK_Pour_House and Quincy – @SaltValleyBrew to drink homebrews and talk about home brewing. The podcast was high lighted by Bloody Chainsaw a Home Brewery out of Virginia. Enjoy the listen, we finally made it to double digits!

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Fridge Guys Episode 9

On episode 9 Daine is joined by the brothers Eric and Travis co-owners of @MoransLiquor. We got to learn the history and evolution of one of the most iconic craft beer establishments in Lincoln. Many beers were drank during and after the episode was over. Have a listen and check out the new Facebook page for Fridge Guys! Cheers!

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Episode 68 – Iowa Beers from Dave, pt 1

This is episode 68. It’s nice enough. Nate Clouse is here. Turns out, he’s a beer nerd! Who knew?!

In this episode, we ended up talking a lot about beer. And beerfests. And babies and bettas and butterknuckles. We threw in some Sopranos, some video games, some parenting stuff. And we drank beers from Madhouse, Singlespeed, and Fair State (which is not an Iowa beer). 

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Fridge Guys Episode 8

This is a special one, folks. Daine from Fridge Guys and Mark from Three Beers Later are on location at White Elm Brewing for the release of this year’s Champurrado!

If that wasn’t enough, a bunch of friends stop by the table to give their thoughts on the beer and to hang out with some fridge guys, plus a special appearance from Kolby and Sarah Wood, owners of White Elm, to round it out. 

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Episode 67 – Mike’s Iowa beers

This is episode 67. Mike Sciandra is here. And he brought beers from Iowa to kick off our month of Iowa beers. Who knew Iowa could provide beers for an entire month? Not this guy…

In this episode, we take an analytical dive into our beer ratings. Then we take some sort of dive into Fyre Festival. Wiping asses. Smelling underwear. And a deep philosophical debate into the merits of “Just Do It.” All while drinking beers from SingleSpeed, Confluence, NoCoast and Firetrucker. 

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Fridge Guys Episode 7

In Episode 7, Daine is joined by Kolby Wood the Owner and Head Brewmaster of @whiteelmbrewing. Kolby brings 2 crowlers of amazing stouts and they talk about his life in craft beer. Grab yourself a White Elm brew and enjoy the podcast!

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Episode 65 – Coors Banquet and Vis Major

Episode 65 with Mike Schaefer. He’s drinking this time. Well….kind of. He’s drinking Coors Banquet. 

In this episode, Connor and Mike get geeky about baseball. Not until after Connor freaks out about Creighton blowing the game against Marquette. Mike tells us about his experiences with topless girls in Cancun and the drugs he didn’t take in New Mexico. There’s also an idea to expand the 3BL Media Empire with something called “The Chain Gang.” All while drinking Coors Banquet and enjoying beers from Vis Major.

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Episode 64 – Sponsored by Renegade Brewing (also with other beers)

Episode 64. The one sponsored by Renegade Brewing. Can you get Renegade in Nebraska? Not anymore! Is it really damned delicious? You bet it is!

Our Executive Producer Shane (@Weeman402) came by. And then @MikeSciandra came by. And then @nilly21 came by. It was a party. Everyone wants some of Renegade’s delicious beers! We talked about Joan Callamezzo. We talked about Kanye. We talked about small towns. And we drank an incredible Barrel Aged Coffee and Maple Pancakes Porter from Renegade, and less good beers from Cambridge Brewing Company and Shiner.

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Episode 63 – “7 Every 7” meets “Recovery 9s”

What do you do when two conflicting rules collide? You buy a big beer, you buy a little beer, and you throw everything else out the window. 

In this episode, we go to barbecue school with @DelltheDude. We learn what a “Bacon Explosion” is (eventually). More debates about KC BBQ, but it’s all trumped by the grub at Chester’s Grocery near Ft. Benning. Then…we follow little Jimmy to Sex Island. Little Jimmy will never be the same. We do all that while drinking Zipline Brewing’s The Stout and Czech Dark Lager.

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Episode 61 – Renegade Brewing, part 2

Dear every brewery,
Do you want to be cool? Then be like Renegade Brewing. Give us some beers to drink and talk about.

In episode 61, we bring in Josh Peterson from the Omaha radio scene. As you might expect from a radio guy, he has some things to say. We talk about green text people vs blue text people. We talk about Connor’s disturbing use of LMAO in tweets. We take a LONG time to talk s*** on other media members (specifcally Chris Basnett). Brett Kane called in while playing Red Dead Redemption. And we drank Renegade Brewing’s beers, which were better than last week’s Renegade Brewing beers.

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Episode 60 – Renegade Brewing, part 1

Episode 60 with Jack Mitchell and half of the beers provided to us by Denver’s Renegade Brewing. Look at the picture. They’re very pretty.

In this episode, we yell about pizza (again). We break the red-clad rules. Jack raps with Run DMC, which fulfills today’s part of the “26 Days of Jack”. We all agree that the “pay-it-forward” chains at Starbucks are stupid. But Axe Body Spray? Not stupid. All while drinking some alcohol-laden gifts from Renegade Brewing.

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