Episode 91 – Lakefront & Zipline

There was a time once when we thought Episode 100 would happen in September. That’s not going to happen. What DID happen….is Episode 91. Tonight. Here. Now.

In this episode, we probably spent an hour talking about chips. We didn’t start by talking about chips. We didn’t end with talking about chips. But there was a LOT of chip talk in the middle. We talked about surgeries and living situations. We discussed Scott Frost’s aesthetic appeal and political leanings. And we spent some time reminiscing on the last two years of 3BL. All while drinking beers from Zipline Brewing and Lakefront Brewery.

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Fridge Guys Episode 20

In the newest episode of Fridge Guys, Daine was joined by Mitch, Anne, and Fidel who are part owners of Perfect Pour Magazine and Perfect Pour Studios. They are the driving force behind the upcoming Capital City Oktoberfest, Sept. 7th and 8th. Check out the podcast and make sure to go to the event. Fun was had by all. Oh yeah and we drank beers.

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Episode 90 – Dusty beers w/ Dave Miller

https://media.blubrry.com/three_beers_later/p/threebeerslater.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Ep90.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS | MoreEpisode 90. You thought it couldn’t be done. We thought it couldn’t be done. But it’s been done. To celebrate, we brought in a big fish. Making his 3BL debut….Dave Miller! In this episode, we discussed fonts. Wait, it gets better! […]

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Fridge Guys Episode 19

Do you like BBQ? Do you like craft beer? Then you will enjoy Episode 19! Daine was joined by Toby from the competitive BBQ team: Team Brew & Que. We talk chicken, pork ribs, pork butts, beef brisket, and beer. All beer provided in this episode is from our fans Dave, James, and Eric. Thanks!

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Episode 89 – Darion’s Beercation

Welcome to episode 89. It’s the first “normal” podcast we’ve done in quite some time. Darion’s here, and he brought a bunch of beers from the northeast. He did not bring Ben & Jerry’s. ūüôĀ

In this episode, we start by calling Eleanor Roosevelt ugly. We dive into yelp reviews and how much they impact our own decision making. We talk anxiety. We talk embarrassment. We talk salad dressings. And we talk Luis Guzman. All while drinking beers from Treehouse, Alchemist and Hill Farmstead

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Episode 87 – Lanny fills in, Linsey discovers beers

Connor’s out. Lanny’s in. Linsey’s the guest. She will tell you that she never gets drunk. This podcast will suggest otherwise.

In this episode, we dive into Linsey’s marriage. Her husband Josh called in to give his two cents. We give our most “ghetto” living experiences. Lanny wants us to evaluate our own humor. And Linsey gets emotional about tomato-Miracle Whip sandwiches. All while drinking beers from Madhouse Brewing, Upslope Brewing and Saro Cider.

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Fridge Guys Episode 18

In Episode 18 we went live on location again at @WhiteElmBeer for their release of Barrel Aged Creme Brulee! Grady McGuire of @NEBeer30 joined @DaineP for the first half of a collab podcast. Then Kolby Wood the owner and head brewer joined. Throughout the podcast we were joined by craft beer enthusiasts and maybe we broke some White Elm news in the end! Check it out and enjoy!

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Episode 85 – A Crowler, a Sour, and a Coconut IPA

Episode 85. When it started, there were just two of us. When it was finished, there were four of us. Three humans. One dog. 3BL. 

In this episode, we talk as much hockey as we ever will (which isn’t much). Why won’t college baseball coaches let their catchers call their own games? Connor likes dogs all of the sudden, so we spend way too long figuring out what kind he should get. We test Mike Schaefer’s encyclopedic knowledge of previous sports championship teams. And we drink beers from Zipline and SingleSpeed.¬†

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Episode 84 – Renegade has more beers

It took 84 episodes, but we finally landed Parker Gabriel. Did you know he comes from a town best known for brewing beer? Did you know he didn’t share any of that beer with us? It’s ok. Renegade’s got us covered (they’re the best brewery in the world).

In this episode, we get an outsider’s perspective of Lincoln. We discuss the merits of watching random episodes on Netflix, rather than watching in order. We spend a lot of time debating whether we could “easily” go into the future. And there’s some Elizabeth Banks and Jane Banks talk. All while drinking a trio of beers from our friends at Renegade Brewing.¬†

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Fridge Guys Episode 17

Episode 17 of Fridge Guys is all about beer! Daine is joined by a couple of local beer connoisseurs, Darion and Eric. They both brought beer to the podcast from different parts of the country and we drink them. We also drank some beers from Renegade James! We talk about beercations, beer trips, work trips for beer, and some other stuff. Cheers and enjoy!

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Episode 83 – Two IPAs and a stout

Episode 83. Connor and Mark sat down this week to talk about the state of the podcast, and decided that they’ve been leaning too hard on guests to provide content. So…for the sake of 3BL…NO GUESTS.

In this episode, we start with politics. Connor decides that he should read the Mueller report. But he won’t. We decide that baseball should be allowed to police itself. Runza is incredible (sponsor us). And….drumroll please….The State of the American Penis. All while drinking beers from Barn Town, Ursula Brewery and Epic Brewing.¬†

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Episode 82 – Blind beers from Dave

Episode 82…the one where we’re not allowed to know what we’re drinking. Also….Matty FreeBeer is here!

In this episode, we grill Dr. Matty on his latest home brew exploit, a Russian Imperial Stout. We also ask him all of your medical questions. We did a Lincoln beer crawl. We discussed the demise of Blue Blood Brewing. Sweaty Janessa and Mario showed up. And we tried to figure out what the hell we were drinking, courtesy of Dave from Iowa.

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Episode 81 – Flight of the Champurrados

Episode 81 with Chris Whitney. He’s batting .667 on showing up when he’s invited. And that’s pretty good. In this episode, we draft local beers. We compare them to basketball players. Then we just talk basketball. Also….soccer, women’s rights, handicap bathroom stalls, the SI Swimsuit issue, and our worst experiences with puking in public. All while drinking a trio of Champurrados from White Elm and beers from Broken Compass and Short’s Brewing.

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Fridge Guys Episode 16

On Episode 16 of @fridge_guys podcast, Daine was joined by Charley and Vince with @BasementCreator, or BCN for short. We find out what BCN is all about, drink 8 beers and discuss music, movies, craft beer, #3BL, and @NEBeer30. It was tons of fun, check it out!

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Episode 80 – Edward Fortyhands

Episode 80 is here. Fresh is here. We stayed true to our rules and drank a couple #OchoCrowlers. Also………….Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor duct taped to our hands.

In this episode….I really don’t remember. We talked about Endgame some more, but mostly through the lens of someone who’s never watched a Marvel movie. We discussed¬† Connor’s willingness to avoid social outings. What else…..sports? We talked a lot of sports. All while drinking beers from Empyrean, Boiler, and whoever the hell makes Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor.

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Episode 79 – Ciders with the Simmses

Episode 79 is here. April Simms came, and she let Matt tag along with her. And we all brought some ciders to the party.

In this episode, we go deep into Avengers: Endgame. Really deep. As in…if you don’t want to hear about Endgame, skip past the first 1:43:05. And maybe even some stuff after that. We then go straight into spoiling Game of Thrones. If you don’t want that spoiled either, maybe just sit this one out.

In the middle there, we ate some death chocolate. We learned about April’s “list.” We learned about a caller’s list and his desire to have a threesome with Connor and Blake Lively. And we drank ciders from Saro, Glacial Till, and James Arthur.

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Episode 78 – Brightside Aleworks w/ Michael Bruntz

This is Episode 78. We welcome back one of our OG guests, Michael Bruntz. Michael told us that he could never come on again because he’s a dad now. But we convinced him that his kid isn’t that important.In this episode, we discuss meal trains and the trials of being a new parent. We talk about car break-ins, and the manners of those who do that sort of thing. Connor learned how to mail a package. Michael doesn’t watch TV. Mark will fall asleep during Avengers. Multiple people called in, and we talked to some of them. We drank beers from Brightside Aleworks. And then we finished it up with some liquor shots from China.

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Episode 77 – Hot wings w/ Brett Baker, part II

We first did it in December 2017. It was episode 14. Enough time has passed that we decided we should do it again. It’s the Hot Ones challenge with the Hot Ones power ranker himself, Brett Baker.

In this episode, we ate some hot wings. Some were hot. Some were really hot. Some were stupid hot. We also talked about our career experiences. We talked about our overconfidences. We ate bread. We drank milk. But mostly we just tried to survive with the help of White Elm’s Apricot Saison and Miller High Life.¬†

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Fridge Guys Episode 15

In Episode 15 @DaineP is joined by Brian and Ralph from @BlueBlood_Brew. We learn how Blue Blood got started and how they got to where they’re at today. They drank five different beers highlighted by Blue Bloods newest Session IPA. Cheers!

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Episode 76 – Non-IPAs (Mostly)

For episode 76, we welcome back our music-loving friend Scott. He doesn’t like IPAs. Or does he….?In this episode, Connor details his trip to Vegas. Spoiler alert: He got drunk and lost a lot of money. But he did meet Scotty McCreery, which leads us down a completely different rabbit hole.¬† Scott remembers his days as a DJ. Mark apologizes for his days as a DJ. And Connor’s pretty sure he could DJ better than all of us. All while drinking beers from Single Speed, Clown Shoes, Confluence, Odell and Blue Blood.¬†

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