Episode 130 – No Guests. No Beers.

Because we’re drinking ciders. You didn’t think we were going alcohol-free, did you? That was a dumb assumption on your part.

In this episode, we talk about bidets and the possibility of starting a poop blog. You could be the next face of poop! Do quacks echo? Is Connor smart? Racism. COVID. My Little Pony Nazis. And Zack Greinke (unrelated). All while drinking ciders from Saro, Boiler and Glacial Till.

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Episode 122: Waffle Man vs Pancake Man

Episode 122. If anybody is friends with both the waffle man and the pancake man and wants to arrange for them to come on the show, that’d be cool. Same goes for anyone who knows Joel McHale.

In this episode, we talk improv comedy. And why Mark won’t audibly laugh at a comedy show (the emotional scars are real). We start naming NHL teams for some reason. Reality shows. Quarantine TV Update. Michael Bruntz did not join us. All while drinking beers from White Elm, Zipline, Kros Strain and Pint 9.

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Episode 115 – IPAs with DP

It only took 115 episodes, but we finally brought in Connor’s BBOAT (best beer of all time), the Zipline IPA. And to help share in the moment, we also brought in one of our new day job friends, Derrick Pearson.

Guys, DP has some stories. There are stories about turning down a chance to be the voice of the Clippers. There are stories about the Mormon girls in Utah. There are stories about being related to both Donald Trump and Barack Obama. There are stories about how he lost the ability to get drunk. It’s funny. It’s touching. It’s unbelievable. And it’s only the surface. All while drinking beers from Great Divide and Zipline.

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Episode 85 – A Crowler, a Sour, and a Coconut IPA

Episode 85. When it started, there were just two of us. When it was finished, there were four of us. Three humans. One dog. 3BL. 

In this episode, we talk as much hockey as we ever will (which isn’t much). Why won’t college baseball coaches let their catchers call their own games? Connor likes dogs all of the sudden, so we spend way too long figuring out what kind he should get. We test Mike Schaefer’s encyclopedic knowledge of previous sports championship teams. And we drink beers from Zipline and SingleSpeed. 

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Episode 83 – Two IPAs and a stout

Episode 83. Connor and Mark sat down this week to talk about the state of the podcast, and decided that they’ve been leaning too hard on guests to provide content. So…for the sake of 3BL…NO GUESTS.

In this episode, we start with politics. Connor decides that he should read the Mueller report. But he won’t. We decide that baseball should be allowed to police itself. Runza is incredible (sponsor us). And….drumroll please….The State of the American Penis. All while drinking beers from Barn Town, Ursula Brewery and Epic Brewing. 

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Episode 78 – Brightside Aleworks w/ Michael Bruntz

This is Episode 78. We welcome back one of our OG guests, Michael Bruntz. Michael told us that he could never come on again because he’s a dad now. But we convinced him that his kid isn’t that important.In this episode, we discuss meal trains and the trials of being a new parent. We talk about car break-ins, and the manners of those who do that sort of thing. Connor learned how to mail a package. Michael doesn’t watch TV. Mark will fall asleep during Avengers. Multiple people called in, and we talked to some of them. We drank beers from Brightside Aleworks. And then we finished it up with some liquor shots from China.

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Episode 76 – Non-IPAs (Mostly)

For episode 76, we welcome back our music-loving friend Scott. He doesn’t like IPAs. Or does he….?In this episode, Connor details his trip to Vegas. Spoiler alert: He got drunk and lost a lot of money. But he did meet Scotty McCreery, which leads us down a completely different rabbit hole.  Scott remembers his days as a DJ. Mark apologizes for his days as a DJ. And Connor’s pretty sure he could DJ better than all of us. All while drinking beers from Single Speed, Clown Shoes, Confluence, Odell and Blue Blood. 

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Episode 75 – Bourbon County Stouts

Don’t listen to what we say in the podcast. This is episode 75. Chris Whitney….did not show up. So this is episode is mostly just Connor and Mark. And then….DR. MATTY FREEBEER shows up (with a specimen cup)!!!

In this episode, we discuss binging vs watching live. Connor tries to decide if The Beach Bum was a good movie. Strip clubs. Thicc water. Infected beers. And a surprise Sour IPA that is very incorrectly named but is rather unique

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