Society crumbles without structure. Here are the unflinchingly rigid rules of Three Beers Later.

  • No Husker talk
  • The day job may only be referred to as “The Day Job.”
  • People, events, ideas
  • Ratings mean everything. Or possibly nothing.
  • Guests bring their own beverages
  • 7 Every 7: Every 7th episode will feature a beer with an ABV above 7%
  • Ocho Crowlers: Every 8th episode, beer will flow from canned growlers, or “crowlers.”
  • Never (again) double-digit ABV
  • Gotta go faster
  • Sampleven: Every 11th episode will feature a mix of beers, rather than the standard six-pack.
  • B-17 Bombers: Every 17th episode, we drink from the big bottles.
  • 23 Numbers? (This one wasn’t well thought out.)