Episode 145 – Clean Out the Fridge

Welp…after three years, it’s time to take a break. We’re tired. We’ve drank a lot beers. So this is our last episode of the year.

We went red-clad heavy tonight. Blame COVID and Wisconsin. Connor’s buying a house. Now he has to care about taxes. We decided to fix the prison system. You’re welcome. All while drinking beers from River Bend , Barntown, Cerebral, and Hofbrau.

See you in 2021!

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NE Beer:30 #78 My Wife & Our Vacaciones

The Nebraska Beer:30 Hotline: 402 370-9900. Grady’s wife, Taylor is a little crunchy (you’ll find out what that means). The two recently road-tripped through Colorado to Moab, Utah during a week-long “vacaciones.” Taylor and Grady talk road trip munchies, hiking in the mountains, how crunchy their Airbnb’s were, barely missing an engagement on top of a mountain, and how Taylor feels being almost 7 months pregnant. Beers consumed this episode: Moab Brewing Co’s Pilsner and Denver Beer Co’s Graham Cracker Porter.

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Episode 144 – Ocho Crowlers and an announcement

Episode 144. Like we always do, we busted out the crowlers on this multiple of 8. It’s tradition. It’s a rule. We’ve done it 17 times before.

In this episode, we start by kind of tip-toeing around an announcement. Then we make an announcement. Then we got a little political Then Andrew called in. Then we talked about our military and porn. All while drinking beers from Dillon Dam, Cosmic Eye and Sawyer Brewing.

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Episode 143 – The Fridge Guy Lives

Daine Patton has spent the pandemic collecting beers, just waiting for the day when he could share them again. Now, the wait is over! The Fridge Guy returns!

We made a small dent in Daine’s beer collection (not really). We DID accidentally open an expensive tiny bottle of beer. No regrets. Spicy nuggets. Full House. Jim Harbaugh. Early voting. Everybody loves Ray Romano. And beers from…..???

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NE Beer:30 #77 Craig Beougher | All Knowing McGill

Craig Beougher is a singer-songwriter and the face of the Lincoln-based Americana band, All Knowing McGill. Craig and Grady talk about raising kids, writing music, Craig’s many guitars and songwriting process, Grady gets tips on raising a girl, which beers they drink before playing shows, and the death of Eddie Van Halen (Big Up to Patrick Stehlik for leaving a voicemail!). Beers had: Weldwerks (Greeley, CO) Double Orange Creamsicle Milkshake, Founders Brewing’s (Grand Rapids, MI) Oktoberfest, Empyrean Brewing Co.’s (Lincoln, NE) ESB, and Cosmic Eye Brewing’s (Lincoln, NE) Everything Has Eyes IPA.

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Episode 142 – Drinking with the Rigginses

I had to Google the proper way to pluralize a last name that ends with -s. Rigginses is correct. And the Rigginses are the forces behind Cosmic Eye Brewing.

In this episode, Sam and Michelle dig into their first two years of running a brewery. The highs, the lows, the pandemics, the beer trends, all of it. They do the talking while we sip on their beers, including Festbier, Sir Limes-a-lot, and Gaze of the Basilisk.

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Episode 141 – Not afraid of Heights

Ok, that’s a cheesy title. You see, we recorded this podcast at Heights Draft Room, and that led to this pun. It’s not even a pun, really. It’s just a phrase that also includes the word heights.

In this episode, we’re joined by Heights owner Joey Jones. His story involves all-state baseball, college football, prison hooch, Alcatraz, and beer. Beer is why we’re here today. Also for some brownies, but mostly for some beer.

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NE Beer:30 #76 Vince Ruhl & Spencer Munson | Lincoln Calling 2020

This podcast was recorded LIVE and broadcasted across multiple platforms. Spencer Munson is the man behind Lincoln Calling – a three-day music and art festival held every year in Lincoln, Nebraska. Vince Ruhl is the creator and operator of the Basement Creator’s Network (by now, you know about them!), a livestream provider. Together with Grady, they form NUKE THE FRIDGE! You’ll get the joke once you watch. The three talk about Lincoln Calling, how it’s going digital (due to COVID regulations), what it takes to livestream a festival, and how it’s all going to go down! The gang sips on delicious brews from Zipline Brewing Co. (Lincoln, NE), a sponsor of Lincoln Calling.

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Episode 140 – Nachos at Muchachos

Another road game, this time at Lincoln’s most buzzed about new blue building, Muchachos! Joining us is the head Muchach-bro himself, Nick Maestas.
In this episode, we discuss the majesty of a secret menu. Nick tells us how much fun it is to open a restaurant during a pandemic. We pine for some good, old-fashioned, consequence free twitter rants. And we wrap it up in under an hour and a half while enjoying the beers and bites at Muchachos.

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NE Beer:30 #75 Will McGuire | Mom’s Least Favorite

Will is Grady’s brother and their mother’s least favorite child (tehe). The younger of the two, Will, is a talented musician, recruiter, and all-around swell guy. He dresses way better than Grady ever does! During this episode, Will and Grady call their mother to ask her which of them she likes best, talk about their first drinking experiences, a Coors Light truck hitting Taco Inn, their takes on “Saucy Nugs,” how Will created the NE Beer30 theme song, and much more! The two drink beers from Surly, New Holland, and O’Fallon Brewing Co.

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Episode 139 – Stone Hollow and Pain

In this episode, there is some good and there is some bad. The good is beer provided by the good folks at Stone Hollow Brewing (go to their Oktoberfest this weekend.) The bad is the pain inflicted by Brett Baker and the Truth or Dab game he decided to bring along with him.

For this episode, we just played Truth or Dab. It’s a game where you either have to answer the question posed or suffer capsaicin. 2 million+ scovilles, according to Brett. Listen in as we reveal personal details and suffer when we don’t. All while drinking Oktoberfest, Pink Guave Flamango Cider and Czech Please Pilsner from Stone Hollow.

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Episode 138 – Live from Kros Strain

Live is the wrong word. This is a podcast. But while we were recording, we were sitting at Kros Strain in a room with 26 foot tall ceilings lined with barrels. Sitting with us….Bobby Kros and Jeff Hardy.

In this episode, we learn about brewery life. Turns out, it’s every bit as glamorous as you imagine. Bobby and Jeff discuss the processes of conceptualizing, brewing, and marketing new beers. Connor learns about science. And, of course, a review of the state of reality television. All while drinking beers like the Barrel Aged Krostoberfest, Nilla Nectar, and a Hot as Helles Bloody Mary from Kros Strain.

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NE Beer:30 #74 JaSoN dErUlO (The Raunchy Episode)

Marijuana, Sex, Masturbation, and Arby’s. These raunchy topics and more are covered in episode #74 of #NEBeer30! Grady sits down in front of a new camera (shoutout to the Patrons at Patreon.com/nebeer30) to talk about Sam Elliott narrating the COVID documentary, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts’ opposition to medical marijuana, telling his inlaws he and his wife have had lots of sex, Jordin Sparks telling the world Jason Derulo sings while making love, and how he was falsely accused of having a gun in an Arby’s drive-thru. Grady sips on Sierra Nevada (Chico, CA) Oktoberfest and Kros Strain’s (La Vista, NE) Bernstein Bier Vienna-style lager.

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Episode 137 – Margarita-Off 2020

Steven M Sipple. Joshua F Peterson. Limes. Tequila. Salt. Orange Liqueur. This is the great margarita showdown of 2020.

These two individuals geek out about their beverages. They’re also both encyclopedias when it comes to the last 20 years of Nebraska football, so we dig into that pain. Come for the tequila. Stay to hear all of the people that Sipple refuses to text back.

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NE Beer:30 #73 Mark Onwiler | SirYacht, Midges, Joba Chamberlain & Oktoberfests

Can you still say the word, “midge?” Please don’t cancel this podcast. Mark Onwiler (Three Beers Later Podcast) stopped by the six-story mansion to talk SirYacht (the mysterious twitter “reporter” claiming Big10 football will play this fall), medieval eyelash torture, how Grady emails Scott Frost often, and the two play “Where in the World is Joba Chamberlain?” Mark and Grady do a blind tasting with a few Oktoberfest brews that had just hit the market. Big Up to Pint 9, Empyrean, Zipline, Cosmic Eye and Sam Adam’s Brewing Co.’s.

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Episode 136 – Disney Channel Memories

Linsey Chamberlin makes her 3rd appearance on the pod. She’s shooting for 5 by the end of the year. It’s ambitious. But she’s committed.

In this episode, we remember high school. We evaluate the stocks of former Disney Channel stars. Linsey geeks out about Pink Panther, which is an unquestionably bad movie. And Connor almost tells us a story about eating dinner on a farm before the computer abruptly decided that this episode should be done. All while drinking beers from DuClaw Brewing, Zipline Brewing and Denver Beer Co.

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NE Beer:30 #72 Luke Hansen | CompanyCam

Luke Hansen is the man behind one of the best mustaches you’ve ever seen and Nebraska’s fastest-growing business, CompanyCam. With the creation of the CompanyCam app, Luke and his team have helped improve communication between contractors, their employees, and clients. Luke and Grady talk about beer, Luke’s Keto diet, the start of CompanyCam, the cancellation of Husker football and fall sports, and how memes are news now. During this pod, Luke drinks Lagunitas Brewing’s (Petaluma, CA) Daytime Ale while Grady sips Zipline Brewing’s (Lincoln, NE) Festbier and White Elm’s (Lincoln, NE) Pulpagogo.

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Episode 135 – College Football is Dead

The Big Ten cancelled football. The sports media hates Nebraska. Let’s drink with Max Olson.

In this episode….WTF is happening with Nebraska football? Are they leaving the Big Ten? Where do the belong? Let’s get existential. Also…Connor is back in on Mac & Cheese. Tavour. Excess e-mails. Elves. Intermittent fasting and your libido. Plus, beers from Austin Beerworks, Tommyknockers, and Juke’s Ale Works.

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NE Beer:30 #71 Daine Patton – Kindergarten Cop

“Boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina!” Yep. This isn’t a Daine Patton quote – it’s straight from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hit movie, “Kindergarten Cop.” Which was banned from a film festival (you’ll get the full story). The host of Fridge Guys Podcast and owner of Bats to Rats Wildlife Control and Prevention, Daine Patton, joins Grady to chug beer and talk about Ellen, Nic Cage, taking down statues, how Grady is a slow learner, and Daine’s nerves of Steel! Big Up to Sam Riggins from Cosmic Eye Brewing (Lincoln, NE) for providing some brew!

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Episode 134 – CBeerD and hunger pangs

Episode 134. No guests. And technically no sponsors. BUT….we did receive samples of a CBD/Beer product to review. That product is called…wait for it…CBeerD.

What makes us qualified to review CBD products? Nothing. We’re CBD virgins. Maybe that’s why we’re qualified. But it was fun. Check out CBeerD.co. Try some whilst listening to us ramble about units of lengths, state borders, Ben Affleck, and engagement photos. All while drinking beverages from Kros Strain, Dillon Dam Brewery and Glacial Till.

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