NE Beer:30 #87 Mark Thompson | Craft Brand Manager

If you say there’s someone in the state of Nebraska who has more knowledge about the beer industry than Mark Thompson – you’re lying to yourself. Mark is the Craft Brand Manager at K&Z Distributing Co. in Lincoln, NE. He manages and communicates with major breweries all over the US (many local as well), sells beer to retailers, and has one hell of a beard. Mark and Grady talk about the Twisted Tea face punch, Mark’s experience in the beer industry, their philosophies on selling beer, and Mark’s love for Taylor Swift. Beer consumed: Twisted Tea Slightly Sweet and Founder’s Brewing Co.’s (Grand Rapids, MI) Moon Rambler IPA.

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NE Beer:30 #86 A Flamethrower Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! This jolly solo-sode is packed with Christmas spirit! During the podcast Grady talks about loving Christmas, how we should cancel “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” why you should tell your kids that a flamethrowing drone is watching them, what’s going to happen when his baby gets here, his new job (leaving the beer industry), and a dream he had involving Scott Frost. Beer consumed: Kros Strain Brewing’s (La Vista, NE) Barleywine Vol. 5.

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NE Beer:30 #85 Matt Meyers | The Happy Raven

Matt Meyers knows how to run a craft beer bar. His spot, The Happy Raven, was voted ‘Best Craft Beer Bar in Nebraska’ by in 2016, ’17, and ’18! This Lincoln-based alehouse boasts 18 draft lines and a massive selection of bottled and canned beer. Matt and Grady talk about what makes Happy Raven tick, how Matt has managed to become one of the best craft spots in NE, their picks for the greatest Christmas movie of all time (Big Up to Tyler Werner for the Voicemail!), and how Matt tends to customers who just want a “light beer.” Beers consumed: Paulaner (Munich, Germany) Hefe-Weizen, Deschutes (Bend, OR) Jubelale Winter Warmer, and Mikkeller Imperial Stout.

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NE Beer:30 #84 Shane Costello | Monolithic Brewing Co.

The newest brewery in Nebraska, Monolithic Brewing Co., is off to a great start in Omaha, NE! It’s all thanks to head brewer, Shane Costello. After homebrewing for 9 years, Shane has taken his talents to the big “fermenter” (stage). Shane and Grady talk about starting Monolithic Brewing Co., if Shane was nervous to brew commercially, what styles of beer are currently on tap (a lot!), and what he’s cooking up for the future! Voicemails from Brian Lastovica and Daine Patton get the conversation going about Thanksgiving beers and which Christmas movie is the greatest of all time. Beer consumed: Monolithic Brewing Co.’s (Omaha, NE) Viel Glück Dunkelweizen, The Juice City Session IPA (Sabro), and Amarillo for Haze Hazy IPA.

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NE Beer:30 #83 Nick Tarlowski | Give and Let Live Fundraiser

Nick Tarlowski is the man behind the Give and Let Live Fundraiser. What started as a single open tab at 1867 Bar in Lincoln, NE has grown into a pay-it-forward movement that is helping small businesses across the city. Nick and Grady talk about Give and Let Live, the new COVID restrictions on bars and restaurants in Lincoln, drinking a pitcher of barleywine, Nick’s dog eating marinara sauce, and what the fundraiser means to the city. Beers had this episode: Empyrean Brewing Co.’s (Lincoln, NE) Winter Wisdom Hazelnut Brown Ale, Dogfish Head’s (Milton, DE). Featured beer: Zipline Brewing Co.’s (Lincoln, NE) Barleywine Ale.

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NE Beer:30 #82 Alex Paine | WeldWerks Brewing Co.

Fellow Nebraskan, Alex Paine, loves yogurt beer and “Hot Dog Day” (you’ll find out). He is a Brewery Representative for one of the hottest breweries in the nation, WeldWerks Brewing Co. Alex and Grady talk about going to high school together in Lincoln, NE, how WeldWerks got its start, why the brewery rapidly grew in popularity, ‘Cranberry Sawce’ the jelly beer, how Alex started in the craft beer scene, and what it’s like selling beer in a competitive Colorado beer scene. Beers consumed: WeldWerk’s (Greeley, CO) Juicy Bits IPA, Blueberry Cobbler Berliner, and Extra Extra Juicy Bits Double IPA.

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NE Beer:30 #81 Nick Borer | The Question Master

You may remember Nick Borer, the Question Master, from earlier episodes of #NEBeer30! He was the guy who sent in the most (and most entertaining) questions back when the Listener Questions episodes were a thing. Nick is a renaissance man. He’s Grady’s cousin, the Digital Marketing Manager for HobbyTown, a graphic designer, and an all-around handyman! Nick and Grady answer hard-hitting questions during this pod. They talk artificial intelligence, what it’s like becoming a dad, how to make money on OnlyFans this holiday season, how many limbs you should have (you’ll see), and how Elon Musk plans to paralyze people.

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NE Beer:30 #80 Paqui Chip Challenge w/ Myles & Mitch

Episode #80 of #NEBeer30 is the hottest one yet! During this 40+ minute podcast, Mitch West (Perfect Pour Studios), Myles Andrews (Jake’s Cigars & Spirits, Lincoln) and Grady take on the Paqui Chip Challenge – one of the hottest tortilla chips on earth! The three try not to cry, talk about which rapper would be the best president, cry, drink milk, and swap crazy bar stories. Beer consumed: White Elm Brewing’s (Lincoln, NE) Crem Brulee stout and Prost! festbier, and Cosmic Eye’s (Lincoln, NE) Unlock the Time Dragon IPA.

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NE Beer:30 #78 My Wife & Our Vacaciones

The Nebraska Beer:30 Hotline: 402 370-9900. Grady’s wife, Taylor is a little crunchy (you’ll find out what that means). The two recently road-tripped through Colorado to Moab, Utah during a week-long “vacaciones.” Taylor and Grady talk road trip munchies, hiking in the mountains, how crunchy their Airbnb’s were, barely missing an engagement on top of a mountain, and how Taylor feels being almost 7 months pregnant. Beers consumed this episode: Moab Brewing Co’s Pilsner and Denver Beer Co’s Graham Cracker Porter.

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NE Beer:30 #77 Craig Beougher | All Knowing McGill

Craig Beougher is a singer-songwriter and the face of the Lincoln-based Americana band, All Knowing McGill. Craig and Grady talk about raising kids, writing music, Craig’s many guitars and songwriting process, Grady gets tips on raising a girl, which beers they drink before playing shows, and the death of Eddie Van Halen (Big Up to Patrick Stehlik for leaving a voicemail!). Beers had: Weldwerks (Greeley, CO) Double Orange Creamsicle Milkshake, Founders Brewing’s (Grand Rapids, MI) Oktoberfest, Empyrean Brewing Co.’s (Lincoln, NE) ESB, and Cosmic Eye Brewing’s (Lincoln, NE) Everything Has Eyes IPA.

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NE Beer:30 #76 Vince Ruhl & Spencer Munson | Lincoln Calling 2020

This podcast was recorded LIVE and broadcasted across multiple platforms. Spencer Munson is the man behind Lincoln Calling – a three-day music and art festival held every year in Lincoln, Nebraska. Vince Ruhl is the creator and operator of the Basement Creator’s Network (by now, you know about them!), a livestream provider. Together with Grady, they form NUKE THE FRIDGE! You’ll get the joke once you watch. The three talk about Lincoln Calling, how it’s going digital (due to COVID regulations), what it takes to livestream a festival, and how it’s all going to go down! The gang sips on delicious brews from Zipline Brewing Co. (Lincoln, NE), a sponsor of Lincoln Calling.

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NE Beer:30 #75 Will McGuire | Mom’s Least Favorite

Will is Grady’s brother and their mother’s least favorite child (tehe). The younger of the two, Will, is a talented musician, recruiter, and all-around swell guy. He dresses way better than Grady ever does! During this episode, Will and Grady call their mother to ask her which of them she likes best, talk about their first drinking experiences, a Coors Light truck hitting Taco Inn, their takes on “Saucy Nugs,” how Will created the NE Beer30 theme song, and much more! The two drink beers from Surly, New Holland, and O’Fallon Brewing Co.

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NE Beer:30 #74 JaSoN dErUlO (The Raunchy Episode)

Marijuana, Sex, Masturbation, and Arby’s. These raunchy topics and more are covered in episode #74 of #NEBeer30! Grady sits down in front of a new camera (shoutout to the Patrons at to talk about Sam Elliott narrating the COVID documentary, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts’ opposition to medical marijuana, telling his inlaws he and his wife have had lots of sex, Jordin Sparks telling the world Jason Derulo sings while making love, and how he was falsely accused of having a gun in an Arby’s drive-thru. Grady sips on Sierra Nevada (Chico, CA) Oktoberfest and Kros Strain’s (La Vista, NE) Bernstein Bier Vienna-style lager.

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NE Beer:30 #73 Mark Onwiler | SirYacht, Midges, Joba Chamberlain & Oktoberfests

Can you still say the word, “midge?” Please don’t cancel this podcast. Mark Onwiler (Three Beers Later Podcast) stopped by the six-story mansion to talk SirYacht (the mysterious twitter “reporter” claiming Big10 football will play this fall), medieval eyelash torture, how Grady emails Scott Frost often, and the two play “Where in the World is Joba Chamberlain?” Mark and Grady do a blind tasting with a few Oktoberfest brews that had just hit the market. Big Up to Pint 9, Empyrean, Zipline, Cosmic Eye and Sam Adam’s Brewing Co.’s.

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NE Beer:30 #72 Luke Hansen | CompanyCam

Luke Hansen is the man behind one of the best mustaches you’ve ever seen and Nebraska’s fastest-growing business, CompanyCam. With the creation of the CompanyCam app, Luke and his team have helped improve communication between contractors, their employees, and clients. Luke and Grady talk about beer, Luke’s Keto diet, the start of CompanyCam, the cancellation of Husker football and fall sports, and how memes are news now. During this pod, Luke drinks Lagunitas Brewing’s (Petaluma, CA) Daytime Ale while Grady sips Zipline Brewing’s (Lincoln, NE) Festbier and White Elm’s (Lincoln, NE) Pulpagogo.

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NE Beer:30 #71 Daine Patton – Kindergarten Cop

“Boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina!” Yep. This isn’t a Daine Patton quote – it’s straight from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hit movie, “Kindergarten Cop.” Which was banned from a film festival (you’ll get the full story). The host of Fridge Guys Podcast and owner of Bats to Rats Wildlife Control and Prevention, Daine Patton, joins Grady to chug beer and talk about Ellen, Nic Cage, taking down statues, how Grady is a slow learner, and Daine’s nerves of Steel! Big Up to Sam Riggins from Cosmic Eye Brewing (Lincoln, NE) for providing some brew!

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NE Beer:30 #69 Having a Baby (The Seed of my Plants)

Baby McGuire is on the way! Grady had to reschedule a couple guest for this week’s episode, so you got stuck with a solo-sode for THE episode #69 (tehe). Grady talks about how he and his wife are expecting, he’s a little hungover, too nice, and lives in the “least-stressed city in the U.S.” All-the-while, he sips on Cosmic Eye’s (Lincoln, NE) Call of the Wolf Mama double IPA. Big up to Sam at Cosmic Eye for the brew!

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NE Beer:30 #67 Joe Gremel | Funkmammoth

ChillHop artist, Funkmammoth (Joe Gremel), uses his musical talents to create laid-back, funky tracks for your ear holes. Based out of Lincoln, NE, this funky marsupial has captivated a massive audience both online (1 million+ streams on Spotify) and during live performances. Joe and Grady talk about how Joe started making music, where he finds inspiration, the great “Pizzabate,” and how there is a time and place for every style of beer.

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