Episode 14 – Green Flash West Coast IPA

Hot sauces. Beer. Time to test the intestinal fortitude. Oh yeah, and it’s #7Every7!

In this episode, we welcome in Brett Baker of Hot Ones fame. He tried to kill us with some chicken wings. We also discussed Christmas boobs, terminal ill patients who aren’t actually going to die, and what the best way to pee is. But mostly, we just tried to survive the Hot Ones torture. All while enjoying the Green Flash West Coast IPA.

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Episode 13 – Snow Beast

In this episode, we find some people much more devoted to the Never Ending Pasta Pass than Connor was. We discuss the merits of bikini baristas. The comedic value of the word “boner.” And how often does a person really need to use soap? All while drinking Kinkaider Brewing’s Snow Beast Winter Ale.

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Episode 12 – Empyrean Winter Wisdom

In this episode, Connor Happer and Mark Onwiler make a concerted effort to “gotta go faster.” And then we start to talk about Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Oh well! We also discuss Canada and why they can’t keep animals alive in their zoos. Blockbuster is now “hipster cool.” License plates. Throwing axes. Andy Buckley (naturally). All while enjoying Empyrean’s Winter Wisdom hazelnut brown ale.

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Episode 9 – Brickway IPL

Connor and Mark recover from some heavy beers with a nice, sessionable IPL from Brickway in Omaha. Cocaine, hotels, sexbot babies, and half-marathons. What do they have in common? Probably nothing, but they all come up in this week’s episode! Plus, a chain restaurant edition of the Top 7.

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